Anuaria de Oro para la visualización “365 días. 2 palabras”

Noticias, Awards January 2, 2019

“365 días. 2 palabras” recibe el Anuaria de Oro en la categoría a mejor infografía.

The writer Victor Hugo advised to look for the letters to know someone's personality because there were the marks of his heart. Now we don't write so many letters to each other but whatsapps. This visualization counts the "I love you" shown in pink and blue dots and their answers according to the day and time with C. during a year. Is it true that in the late hours of the night we give ourselves more to the heart than in the morning?

El póster, impreso en A1, ya fue seleccionado en la Longlist de Information is Beautiful en la categoría de People, Language & Identity.

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