Alberto Molina is a Designer currently working at Errea with a strong focus on Branding, Art Direction and Typography.

He is passionate about creating visual identities with a strong conceptualisation and connection to business strategy. From logos, custom typography, art direction, digital and editorial design.

Awards & Press

Rayitas Azules
Las mejores tipografías de 2022

Gold for ‘Las raíces de una relación’

Information is Beautiful
Seleccionado por ‘Las raíces de una relación’
Seleccionado por ‘Un año conectados’
Seleccionado por ’25 años en datos’

Print Magazine
Meet Godina, a Modular Typeface With Endless Curved Forms

Gold for «Visual Diary of Quarantine» (Errea)

Creative Boom
Using design to trace how and when we’re most likely to declare our love for someone

Un registro epistolar moderno

Gold for «365 días. 2 palabras»
Gold for «N Diario»